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Why buy from us...

Buy Biomass Pellets is one of the leading suppliers of biomass pellets in the UK. We aim to supply your home or business with pellets at the most competitive price. Unlike other pellet distributors we allow our customers to take advantage of longer-term deals, which guarantees your pellets will stay at a fixed low price and will be available when you need them.
At Buy Biomass Pellets we ensure our pellets are from the most sustainable sources, this includes by-products of the timber industry, recycled construction materials and planting schemes that have focus around conservation and decreasing carbon emissions.

We are committed to ensuring that your carbon footprint is reduced and offer a life cycle map of each purchase so you know where your pellets were grown or recycled

Our pellets...

Sparklets Premium Pellets
Our flagship pellet- made from sustainably harvested, 100% virgin wood.
Standard Pellets
Our Standard Pellets reduce the cost of their pellet deliveries.
Horse Bedding
Our horse pellets are specially produced for use as bedding- they are made using bark free, soft wood species.
Cat Litter
Our Sustainably sourced cat litter pellets are 100% bio-degradable.

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